Saturday, October 21, 2017

Costume Shopping

I only have a few dolls out right now, but they wanted to try on some costumes since it's almost Halloween! They managed to find a few that they liked. (be sure to check out my Instagram for more pictures of their adventures!)

Andrea: "That dress is perfect on you Anya!"
Anya: "Thank you! You look amazing as well!"

Melody: "HI LADIES!"
Melody: "Do you like my costume? Saving lives is so sexy! Also this floaty thing has room for candy! The only downside is that I have to run everywhere in slow motion."
Anya: "Oooooh candy!"

Melody: "OH ANYA I LOVE THAT MOVIE sing the song!"
Andrea: Oh no...
Andrea: Now I'll never get it out of my head! At least Anya has a good voice!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


I've still been mostly unable to reach my dolls. It's been a sad, doll-less summer. But I have made a few doll purchases, despite my mostly-shut wallet. There were a few I just couldn't pass up!

This lovely lady was one of them.
     I also fulfilled a (slightly revenge-fueled) childhood doll dream and I'll be making a separate post about that as soon as I get some good pictures.

    Mostly what I've been doing to get my doll fix, however, is making profiles for my doll characters on a site called Charahub. It's free up to 100 characters, 10 pictures can be uploaded per character. It's awesome for story organization! There's a system in place for grouping, and another for linking characters and creating custom relationships between them to keep track. I have 85 characters to figure out the relationships between them, their backstories, their personalities, their names and occupations, everything, and it has helped immensely. It's even helped me flesh out some plot ideas!

    Being the somewhat overly-organized person I am, this site has been amazing for keeping me sane while I physically can't organize anything else in my life. Plus, I'll have a much better idea what I'm doing with my dolls when I actually start building physical sets someday.

Melody is not a morning person
        Instagram is where I'm doing most of my photo doll stuff for now. I have pulled out Melody, Andrea, and Anya for short adventures when I can do them.
    They're living in a tiny shelf cubby "studio apartment" with no furniture. It's not glamorous, but I guess it beats being stuffed into the doll storage box!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Introducing the Twins

     Hi, all! It's been quite a while since I last posted here, I know! I've had to put away all of my dolls this summer due to the heat and losing three air conditioning units in a row (whew, that was bad!). But I found a really sweet pair of dolls recently, and I couldn't resist grabbing a few photos of them with my phone...
"Hi, I'm Kasidy, and this is my brother, Avery! He's a genius, and also a doofus."
    Meet Avery and Kasidy! They're twins. Like most siblings, they're quite different, but they love each other just enough to torment each other constantly without really meaning harm. They live together, currently, while Avery works through his first year at architecture school and Kasidy works full-time at a popular amusement park.
    They both had today off, so they decided to take a break from studies and housework and go to the neighborhood park for some much-needed outdoor fun.
"Avery! I wasn't ready for that picture! Gimme that phone!"
"Hey, now I wasn't ready...!"
"Okay, now I'm ready!"
They're currently the only dolls I have out, and I don't have any other doll things (clothes, accessories, rooms, etc) so they may spend a lot of time outside this summer! Hopefully it won't be too long before I can dig their friends out of storage. 

My other news is, I now have an Instagram! I'm lightwavesdolls. I've never had a smartphone before, so this is very exciting!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

More Sparkle For A Rainy Day

     The last time I went to WalMart, they didn't have any new Sparkle fashions to catch my eye. However, I still had a few on the card leftover from several other shopping trips, so I decided that it was time to set them free. Of course, I asked for help from Lilu and Paige, our resident fashion models. They were more than happy to lend a hand and do a little photoshoot, despite the suboptimal lighting. They are definitely thinking "summer" thoughts, and they are ready for some fun in their wardrobe!

The outfits in question.
     Lilu went first. This outfit has a nice casual, summer look to it. I like the rolled detail on the pants.
     It fits her just fine, but she has a slightly thinner body than Barbie. The pants are a bit stretchy, however.
     Paige looked great in the next outfit. It's another I would not have chosen for myself, but actually worked well on the doll. I chose it for the skirt and broke my "rule" of not buying anything pink. I'm relaxing that rule a bit more now that I've built up my non-pink wardrobe a lot more!
     This outfit was slightly disappointing, as the top did not close in the back, even on Lilu. It will not fit a normal Barbie. The shorts are large and stretchy and fit just fine. It's such a cute little set, I wish it was just slightly larger. I haven't tried it on the Liv girls yet, but it will probably end up being theirs.
The final outfit was this interesting top that looks like a beach towel tied around Paige's waist. It has clear shoulder straps, so it doesn't slide right off!
    I'd love to see Sparkle get more summery with their clothes, maybe even put some swimwear out? Either way, it's always like a little treasure hunt when I get to the Sparkle box!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monthly Update

It's been a busy time here! Andrea is excited because the "studio soundstage" (my house!) has finally arrived on location to be finished and built to our specifications. Soon, we will have plenty of space for dolls and humans and tiny robots to roam freely, as well as areas for sets to be built and lit! It will be very nice not trying to do photoshoots in cramped corners of this RV trailer!

In the news, two stars of TV and film have arrived, but they don't want to make an official appearance just yet. They will probably get their own posts.

I made a few more jewelry items. Anya needs stuff to sell at her vendor booth, after all!

Also, I have been hard at work writing intro scenes for Lightwaves' large cast. The trick will be to make them all memorable, plausible, and set the stage for the complicated storyline. Materials for building the sets have started accumulating, but some have been stuffed into storage until I can get my full-sized house built. I may not be able to start shooting until next year.

In the meantime, I will try to get a few dolls out now and then for some shoots. I've been trying to get out to explore some interesting locations, but the weather has not cooperated! Oh well, at least the dolls have lots of new clothes and jewelry to occupy themselves with!