Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monthly Update

It's been a busy time here! Andrea is excited because the "studio soundstage" (my house!) has finally arrived on location to be finished and built to our specifications. Soon, we will have plenty of space for dolls and humans and tiny robots to roam freely, as well as areas for sets to be built and lit! It will be very nice not trying to do photoshoots in cramped corners of this RV trailer!

In the news, two stars of TV and film have arrived, but they don't want to make an official appearance just yet. They will probably get their own posts.

I made a few more jewelry items. Anya needs stuff to sell at her vendor booth, after all!

Also, I have been hard at work writing intro scenes for Lightwaves' large cast. The trick will be to make them all memorable, plausible, and set the stage for the complicated storyline. Materials for building the sets have started accumulating, but some have been stuffed into storage until I can get my full-sized house built. I may not be able to start shooting until next year.

In the meantime, I will try to get a few dolls out now and then for some shoots. I've been trying to get out to explore some interesting locations, but the weather has not cooperated! Oh well, at least the dolls have lots of new clothes and jewelry to occupy themselves with!

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