Saturday, March 25, 2017

More Sparkle For A Rainy Day

     The last time I went to WalMart, they didn't have any new Sparkle fashions to catch my eye. However, I still had a few on the card leftover from several other shopping trips, so I decided that it was time to set them free. Of course, I asked for help from Lilu and Paige, our resident fashion models. They were more than happy to lend a hand and do a little photoshoot, despite the suboptimal lighting. They are definitely thinking "summer" thoughts, and they are ready for some fun in their wardrobe!

The outfits in question.
     Lilu went first. This outfit has a nice casual, summer look to it. I like the rolled detail on the pants.
     It fits her just fine, but she has a slightly thinner body than Barbie. The pants are a bit stretchy, however.
     Paige looked great in the next outfit. It's another I would not have chosen for myself, but actually worked well on the doll. I chose it for the skirt and broke my "rule" of not buying anything pink. I'm relaxing that rule a bit more now that I've built up my non-pink wardrobe a lot more!
     This outfit was slightly disappointing, as the top did not close in the back, even on Lilu. It will not fit a normal Barbie. The shorts are large and stretchy and fit just fine. It's such a cute little set, I wish it was just slightly larger. I haven't tried it on the Liv girls yet, but it will probably end up being theirs.
The final outfit was this interesting top that looks like a beach towel tied around Paige's waist. It has clear shoulder straps, so it doesn't slide right off!
    I'd love to see Sparkle get more summery with their clothes, maybe even put some swimwear out? Either way, it's always like a little treasure hunt when I get to the Sparkle box!


  1. Thanks for sharing these Sparkle Girl fashions. Maybe they might fit the Teen Skipper bodies. (The body before the current one.) Your models did an excellent job!

    1. Thanks, I will pass that on ;)
      That's a good thought. I don't have any Skippers, but I do have some older Stacies and other smaller scale dolls that I could always try the clothes on. The Liv bodies tend to be thinner as well. That's the advantage of collecting in multiple scales, I suppose. If it doesn't fit one, it will fit another!